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yourSRI is going local – 9 Languages – 14 Countries

Our new local websites are live

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new local websites. launched its country-specific ESG and Climate Fund Rating investor information platforms in many European countries. This will enable the public to access the fund ratings in a smart way, and especially in the dedicated local language. Therefore, smart & Local – new yourSRI #local.

Join us on the path through the world of environmental & climate, social and governance investing. The yourSRI Fund Ratings aim to provide fund-level transparency to help investors better understand as well as measure the ESG characteristics of funds and answer the fundamental question: How do companies included in an investment fund manage their environmental, social and governance risks?

yourSRI works with a global network of selected service and data providers. This combined expertise forms the basis for our integrated approach towards ESG and Climate solutions and allows investors to perform an in-depth comparison of mutual funds and ETFs, both from a financial and sustainability perspective.

By leveraging our partner’s rating and research, we do create scores for approximately 7’400 multi-asset class Mutual Funds and ETFs by screening over 80% of all assets under management of funds and ETFs registered for sale in the major European markets.