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Align your investments with Sustainable Development Goals  

Sustainable Impact Metrics

We check companies for their fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

Die Sustainable Development Goals sollen die Zukunft unseres Planeten sichern. Was tragen Ihre Investitionen dazu bei?

MSCI Sustainable Impact Metrics

“Impact measurement the new hot topic.

Does your money create a social and environmental impact?”

There is a growing number of investors, looking for ways to measure their social and environmental impact. We help you to analyze your investments on their conformity with the SDG and measure your current exposure to sustainable impact solutions.

With the Sustainable Development Goals, the UN provided ambitious future targets to provide solutions to major environmental and social challenges. Based on 17 different goals, representing a broad consensus, stakeholders are expected to shift to a more sustainable way of making business.

MSCI created on the foundation of the SDG their ESG Sustainable Impact Metrics. This innovative MSCI product allows you to measure the company’s commitment to the SDG.

Based on Sustainable Impact Metrics data from our long-standing partner MSCI, CSSP analyses the conformity with the SDGs of your investments.

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