Speaker at the Fund Forum Global ESG 2018

Craig Bonthron, Greg B. Davies, Mikael Haglund CAIA, Markus Hill, Stefan Illmer, Sean Kidney, Liesbet Peeters, Albert Reiter, Hrefna Sigfinnsdóttir, Olinga Ta’eed, Niklas Tell, Ric van Weelden, Rohit Vaswani, Fredrik Wilander andOliver Oehri. This is the high-class set of speakers at the 2018 Fund Forum in Berlin.

About Oliver:

As a CSSP Executive Director & Founding Partner, Mr Oehri has taught internationally for several years on the subject of “Impact Investments”. In his previous capacity, he developed and successfully implemented the first microfinance investment fund in Liechtenstein. Prior to this, he directed research in microfinance at the University of Liechtenstein. Mr Oehri is a board of directors’ member of a Liechtenstein fund management company and as a committee chairman is responsible for fund management review/investment controlling. As an Associate Partner of the Fund-Academy in Zurich and as a financial consultant at a St. Gallen consultancy, he was able to amass profound theoretical and practical experience in the area of investment products. He teaches at the University of Zurich.