Socially Responsible Investments 2017-12-18T09:08:02+01:00

Project Description

Socially Responsible Investing von Christoph Dreher bietet eine gute Grundlage.

If you strive to achieve a favorable risk-return profile for your investments you will need to consider diversification and must reflect on strategy. A strategy that ties in with the idea of holistic investment management includes socially responsible and sustainable investment practices.

Over the last couple of years, approaches and strategies that are geared towards sustainability are becoming increasingly important and are favored by both institutional and private investors. A growing variety of products as well as increasing investment volumes demonstrate the up-and-coming importance of this market segment. However, there are still uncertainties about the added value of socially responsible investments. In light of these trends within retail and capital markers, this book aims to establish a holistic picture of economic analysis.

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