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Project Description

New ESG Market Insights – 2019: More than 2700 mutual funds and ETFs in the asset classes equities, bonds and mixed assets were screened.

European Union Taxonomy- Introducing a classification system

The EU has set a goal to define how sustainable activity should look like. From now until 2022, the EU will evaluate six main environmental targets. These six categories are: climate protection, adaptation to climate change, sustainable use and protection of water and marine resources, transition to a circular economy, waste prevention and recycling, pollution reduction and control, and lastly protection of healthy ecosystems. The classification system is not only relevant for investors, issuers, politicians, etc. but they are essential in helping reach the SDGs set forth by the UN as well as the Paris Agreement.

Investment-Transparency is key

Investment-Transparency is key for the future, e.g. at the beginning of 2019 the new IORP II regulation (Institutions for Occupational Retirement Provision) came into force, which required IORPs to take into account Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) factors. Furthermore, the ‘EU Climate Transition Benchmark’ and the ‘EU Paris-aligned Benchmark’ have been introduced. The aim of these benchmarks is to reduce greenwashing and improve transparency through further disclosure of requirements.

The answer – the cost-effective reporting solution provides the answer for the upcoming mandatory regulation requirements. The 7th edition of the “ESG Market Insights Study” from creates transparency NEW for over 2,700 funds and ETFs. Based on the tremendous interest in our last year’s ESG Market Insights Study, we went ahead again with the analysis for 2019 – however, taking the increased market involvement into account, with even more data, new ESG portfolio attributes and a couple of new innovations. This year’s study screens more than 2’700 mutual funds and ETFs for their ESG characteristics: Risk, Impact and Value. The ESG investment ratings are applied to each investment fund on yourSRI on a dynamic basis and, hence, reflect up-to-date investment views. The dynamic ESG investment ratings on yourSRI detect all relevant changes, related to the portfolio structure of a fund or to the ESG ratings of the underlying issuer. This permits timely investment reporting and investment controlling.

Together with our partners we endeavour to promote and raise awareness concerning trends and issues in the field of responsible investing, aiming for greater transparency, comparability and measurability. And that’s exactly the aim of this publication.

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