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Foundations & Nonprofits

Foundations rely on yourSRI’s proven methodology to assess their portfolios for any reputational risks (transparent and objective).

Reputational Risks
yourSRI helps foundation and other charitable organizations to manage their reputational risks by determining their portfolio involvement in major ESG controversies. A flag system allows for easy interpretation.

International Norms
It enables them to check the compliance with international norms and standards, such as the UN Global Compact or ILO Core Conventions as well as to evaluate adherence to specific investment guidelines.

Pension Funds

Pension Funds all over the world take advantage of yourSRI’s tailor made reporting and efficient benchmarking solutions.

It enables pension funds to be compliant with international disclosing requirements (e.g. Montreal Carbon Pledge, etc.) and allows for efficient stakeholder reporting.

Extending the mainstream financial monitoring helps them to evaluate the manager’s efforts how to address ESG and climate change risks and opportunities.

Private Clients & Family Offices

Clients take advantage of yourSRI’s full suite of bespoke services.

In addition to tailor-made reporting solutions, the tools allow comprehensive fund & portfolio audits and enable family offices an efficient benchmarking and peer-group comparison. And with the long-term focus in mind, the integration of ESG & Carbon issues into existing risk management processes allow clients to reveal hidden investment risks related to those factors.

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