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It is not only about setting goals,
it is also about reaching them.

Investment Controlling

Imagine a trustworthy partner controlling your investments – CSSP

Ständige ueberwachung der Anlageprozesse. Realisierung von Due Diligence Prozessen im Auftrag von Anlegern. Unterstuetzung und Realisierung von Investitionsausschusssitzungen. Erstellung von Berichten für Anleger und Managerbewertung. Teilnahme an Anlageausschusssitzungen.

Why Controlling

“Managing and monitoring of invested assets is more important than ever before.”

These days, it is not just about defining financial goals but rather about reaching them. Hence, investment controlling plays a key role in a success story. It monitors whether and to what degree the managed assets are meeting agreed goals. As a result, you have better insights and can make decisions that save you money.

ESG and Carbon investment controlling enables clients to closely rate their manager’s performance and benchmark them against industry peers. Whereby, errors could be detected and re-processed earlier resulting in better prevention of negative effects. CSSP achieved comprehensive knowledge on the topic of ESG and Carbon investment controlling, we are a strong partner for you.

Our Speciality

At yourSRI, we help our clients to assess and better understand the ESG and climate related risks and opportunities in their investments providing comprehensive reporting and advisory services to our clients. Our team has many years of experience and offers a consistent and long-term approach in this ever-changing market environment – taking into account that sustainability means more than just being sustainable.

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