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Taking ESG factors into account reduces investment risks

ESG Portfolio Analytics

We analyze your investment portfolio.

ESG Analyse des Investitions Portfolios Wir analysieren alle Datenpunkte in Ihrem Investment Portfolio

Portfolio Screening

“Reduce investment risks.

Something every investor is interested in.”

CSSP provides a full service of analyzing your investment portfolio. So you have access to an individual and cost-efficient solution to measure and benchmark the ESG performance of your investments and to reveal hidden ESG-related investment risks.

A screening of your investments on ESG factors and hidden risks is the best strategy to avoid potential losses. To give a deeper insight, the analysis is based on a benchmark of the industry. So you can take the risk you want and set new investment standards for your industry.

Based on the fund’s portfolio holdings the methodology enables investors to break down the individual share and impact of a fund’s underlying company’s ESG Company Assessments respectively Ratings. Consequently, the entire ESG and Controversies factors of a fund’s portfolio can be calculated, resulting in a higher transparency and the potential to avoid unforeseen risks.

ESG Investment Report

The outcome of an ESG portfolio screening is a standardized report, showing – among many other aspects – the ESG values, benchmark comparisons, a sector breakdown, and controversies. To get a better understanding of the report please download it here.

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Source: ESG & Controversies Report

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