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Creating reliable guidelines for your investment strategy

ESG Investment Policy

Together we will formalize your investment criteria and develop an ESG integration strategy.

ESG Investment Policy

ESG Policy

Regulatory requirements, fiduciary duty, increasing risks, need for transparency, …

CSSP with its comprehensive expertise across ESG & Carbon investing topics and its global experience with leading asset owners and asset managers helps you to formalize your thoughts on ESG criteria and develop your own ESG policy.

Asset owners and managers are increasingly aware of the potential risk and impact that ESG factors, as well as climate risks can have on the long-term risk-return profile of their funds and investment portfolios. So more and more players search for professional guidance to develop their own policy.

However, an orientation in today’s market of ESG & Carbon investing topics is increasingly time-consuming and difficult. The aim is to find an alternative strategy for your success. CSSP is your specialized and competent advisor of choice for market analysis, ESG policy development as well as risk and opportunity assessments.

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