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Instant ESG transparency for more than 6’500 companies!

ESG Company Rating – Pay as you Go

Instant access via to more than 6’500 ESG Ratings from MSCI.

ESG Company Rating

MSCI ESG Ratings

Reduce your investment risks by taking ESG into account.

Use our online platform to get instant access to all MSCI ESG company ratings on a pay as you go basis. Or contact our team for individual support. Our long-standing partner MSCI ESG Research provides in-depth research, ratings, and analysis of the environmental, social and governance-related business practices for more than 6’500 companies worldwide.

MSCI ESG Ratings are designed to help institutional investors understand ESG-driven risk and opportunities and integrate these factors into their portfolio construction and management process. You can identify hidden risks and opportunities not covered by traditional financial analysis.

The team assesses thousands of data points across 34 ESG issues, focusing on the intersection between a company’s core business and the industry issues that can create significant financial risks and opportunities for the company. Companies are rated on an AAA-CCC scale relative to the standards and performance of their industry peers.

Based on ESG Company data from our long-standing partner MSCI, CSSP analyses the ESG score of the company.

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