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Identify Stranded Assets and reduce risks

Climate Risk Assessments & Carbon Metrics

Identify and manage current and future carbon-related risks and opportunities

Climate Risk Assessment

Carbon Metrics

“Everyone knows it.

Oil, gas and coal are not the future.”

Carbon Emission Screening respectively Carbon Investment Reporting has gained in importance over the last few years. Investors are getting more and more aware of international disclosure requirements as well as the benefits of understanding the risks and opportunities related to climate change.

Based on carbon data from our long-standing partner ISS-Ethix, CSSP analyses the carbon exposure of your investments.

Know what you own and …

  • meet national and international environmental reporting and disclosure requirements,
  • measure and publicly disclose your carbon footprint to your stakeholders and
  • extend your mainstream financial reporting to improve your understanding of portfolio risks and opportunities related to climate change.

Coverage of more than 40’000 companies globally.

Carbon Investment Report

The Carbon analysis is also part of the full Carbon Report. If you are interested in a full analysis please get in contact with our team.

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