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It’s time to align your investments with your values

Business Involvement Screening

Screen companies for their involvement in shady sectors and avoid them.

Ausschlusskriterien - Liste nach der ausgeschlossen werden kann.

Business Involvement Screening

“There are a lot of unethical companies out there, right?

The CSSP Business Involvement Screening is based on MSCI ESG Business Involvement Screening and provides a reliable and efficient possibility to screen ESG standards and restrictions. So you are able to make more meaningful investments and do better to the world and the society.

The screening covers the five sectors of “Values”, “Global Sanctions”, “Controversies”, “Global Norms” and “Carbon & Clean Tech”. Resulting in finally 13 sub-categories you can derive best decisions.

Based on ESG Company data from our long-standing partner MSCI, CSSP analyses the Business Involvement of your investment.

Professional Report for Enhanced Decision Making

With the professional report of CSSP you are able to take better decisions based on timely data. Our report is designed to show you the most important involvements directly and in user friendly visualizations. You can immediately identify problematic companies and their weight within the fund.

Die Ausschlusskriterien in unserem Bericht dargestellt.

Source: ESG Report

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