– Services – Independent, individual, and cost efficient – Assess the ESG & Carbon footprint of your investments and effectively manage the risks related to ESG and Carbon issues: Tailor-made reporting solutions, customized investment controlling reports, comprehensive portfolio audits, efficient benchmarking and peer group comparison are all just a click away.

yourSRI’s platform provides a wide range of services:

  • Global coverage – Over 15’000 Billion Euros have been screened.
  • Integrated approach – provides financial data in combination with specific ESG information; this allows an in-depth and realistic comparison of funds, both from a financial and sustainability perspective
  • In-depth information – yourSRI’s investment fact sheets provide detailed information about key product facts and instant access to relevant product documentation
  • Research in focus – contains a dedicated research area including latest industry research reports and surveys
  • More value-add services – uses a broad range of specialized services like ESG company ratings, company reputation risk monitor scores, Carbon data & monitoring, fund and portfolio screening tools and much more!

Search & Compare

yourSRI contains a wide range of services that can help you in manage key risk factors and select investment products that match your needs.

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Funds Assessment & Label

yourSRI uses credible fund reports and independent labels for enhanced transparency, comparability and measurability.

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ESG & Carbon Fundscreener

yourSRI’s portfolio Carbon screening tools allow you to assess the ESG and Carbon footprint of funds and individual investment portfolios.

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ESG Company Assessment

yourSRI’s ESG company ratings can reveal hidden investment risks and can be used as an opportunity to select better-managed companies.

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Our Partners:

MSCI ESG Research
South Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd.
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