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yourSRI’s customizable platform provides tools to measure, benchmark, and report on responsible investing products & services that are designed for institutional clients and other investment professionals.

yourSRI’s Analytics Dashboard is one of the largest and most comprehensive databases in this field of SRI – and provides clients with a lot of flexibility and multiple options to access, filter and work with SRI data. Designed to work seamlessly within a client’s propriety workflow environment, the dashboard offers the flexibility to manage data and information in a way that meets clients’ needs.

Clients can use the yourSRI Analytics Dashboard in multiple ways and for multiple purposes:

  • Conduct in-depth research – on all companies as well as investment products that are available on yourSRI; and access detailed information.
  • Utilize customized filter criteria – based on multiple factors such as impact focus, geography, size, and industry; and they can be tailored according to your specific needs.
  • Take advantage of several in-software modules – you have multiple choices and can select ESG fund rankings and ratings, Carbon data, industry benchmarking, etc.
  • Multiple reporting functions – upload your holdings and use a broad range of dedicated portfolio screening and reporting tools.
  • Experience a leading-edge hosted platform – which uses industry standard technologies to simplify deployment and to provide you with access to yourSRI’s Analytics Dashboard, anytime, anywhere.
  • Don’t waste your time – auto-update options help deploying new versions in a fast & easy manner; and the hosted database eliminates the need for data storage.


This portfolio analysis function enables you to save your portfolio holdings for reporting purposes and provides an easy access to various modules.

Customized Search

Take advantage of fully customizable search functions that allow you to define and combine complex filter criteria.

Customized Analysis

Utilize yourSRI’s Analytics Dashboard to conduct detailed market analysis and use a customizable export function to manage your output.

Compare & Evaluate

Additional services and in-software modules eliminate the need for several data providers and allow you to work faster and more efficiently.


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