Swiss Pension Fund Association (ASIP)

CSSP closely cooperates with the Swiss Pension Fund Association (ASIP) to train ASIP’s members.


Training-Course Foundation Management

CEPS offers training courses targeted at the non-profit sector. The courses follow a modular, flexible and interdisciplinary structure.

CEPS’s in-house research is incorporated into the training modules and supports successful SRI implementation for non-profit organizations. Course participants benefit from CEPS‘ latest research results.

CSSP teaches at CEPS as part of the foundation management education module called ”Social Investments“.


European Education Initiative

The European Education Initiative for Sustainable Finance (EEI) was initiated by CSSP to provide students and members of associations with more information about sustainable finance. EEI is the supported by a group of partners and grants selected universities and associations a free access to yourSRI’s products and services – for the duration of an entire calendar year.

Official EEI partners are able to use the EEI logo and get the opportunity to work with and learn from the organizations they support – to promote and advance the field of responsible investing.

We would like to warmly thank all partners of the European Education Initiative for Sustainable Finance (EEI). Without their support and interest in our cause we would have not been able to realize the EEI and maintain its impact.


University of Zurich

Socially Responsible Investments is an executive training course organized by Switzerland’s Department of Banking and Finance in collaboration with the Department of Education / University of Zurich and CSSP. This executive training course was the first of its kind in Switzerland, founded in 2010.

University of Zurich