Stiftungsaufsichtsbehörde Liechtenstein

The Foundation Supervisory Authority (STIFA), a division of the Office of Justice, has supervised common-benefit foundations (also referred to as public-benefit or non-profit foundations) since 1 April 2009. Private-benefit foundations may also choose to place themselves under STIFA’s supervision. CSSP is the website partner.

MBPI AG is the operational headquarter of an international family office which represents the interests of multiple clients and offers them comprehensive, bespoke management solutions for financial and non-financial matters. CSSP is the website partner.
Philharmonie der Animato Stiftung

The Animato Foundation supports young musicians by providing them with academic education. The orchestra constitutes of young members – aged between 18 and 27 years – and qualifies as a “Philharmonic Orchestra” with a broad repertoire of classical, 19th- and 20th-century music. The orchestra takes part in major symphonic performances supporting large orchestras. CSSP is the website partner.
Microfinance Initiative Liechtenstein e.V.

The Microfinance Initiative Liechtenstein (MIL) is a e public-private partnership: private and public institutions are jointly engaged and aim to strengthen the field of microfinance. CSSP is the website partner.
European Sustainable Investment Advisor
ESIA is a modern training platform for client advisors and wealth managers covering sustainable investments. ESIA combines a 2-day seminar with an option to take part in dedicated webinars to enhance and deepen their knowledge. CSSP is the website partner.
Enabling Microfinance AG

Enabling Microfinance AG (EMF) is a microfinance fund promoter. EMF was founded by a charitable foundation. CSSP is the website partner.

Design and implementation of the new website myImpact. CSSP published one of its new books, New forms of modern philanthropy, on myimpact.
EBG Investment Solutions
EBG is a premier boutique and one-stop-shop solution provider for clients who demand a robust and tailor-made approach to successful investing in alternative assets around the sustainability theme. CSSP is the website partner.
SI Partners
Sustainable Investment Partners (SI Partners) are an independent business services agency based in the UK. We specialise in business strategy consulting, intermediary business development and multi-lingual content marketing services within the areas of sustainable investments, corporate social responsibility, technology, lifestyle and education. CSSP is the website partner.
Impact Forum Europe
Impact Forum Europe – On different events throughout Europe we offer you the opportunity to meet renowned experts and leaders close up. Expand your network easily and quickly, exchange ideas, and stay in touch with others of the Impact Forum Europe Network. This is a project of CSSP.